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Mother's Day - a $20 billion Dollar Opportunity

According to Bing in a presentation on gearing up for Digital Ad Spend, "Mother’s Day is the third largest (Holiday), with close to $20 billion spent last year, and 76 percent plan to spend the same or more this year"

"Technology toys will be a popular gift for Mother's Day. Women continue to log onto this trend, with 80 percent saying they're interested in consumer technology products because they make their multitasking lives easier. Thirteen percent of shoppers will spend an average of $109 on tech for her. She'll also be gifted with the traditional jewelry (32 percent) and flowers (67 percent)."

What does that mean for you the advertiser? If you have a relevant product, this holiday could have a significant seasonal impact on your business. While the traditional gift categories are still strong, Mom's of today are less traditional in their wish list choices. 

What are they keys for this holiday if you want to capitalize on revenues: 

Advertise the benefits to Mom
Offer quick delivery windows
Focus on on-line order execution 
Make choices simple and at different pricing tiers

For the full presentation by bing, use the link below.