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    Refunds Versus Payments

Tax Season - Refunds Versus Payments

4/15 strikes fear into the heart of the American people. Paying taxes certainly removes some of the impetus toward spending on non-incidental items. If your target are higher income earners that will likely be paying taxes, the period from Mid-February through Mid-April may be problematic for responses.

February W-2 distributions however are an opportunity for retail and direct response alike to capitalize on refund money in market. For the segment of the population that receives a refund, tax time can represent a period of spending without reservation. The “Free Money”, received back is quickly dispatched on wish list items. Depending on whether your target demographic has to pay, or whether they get money back, the period of February through April may have a significant Impact on your revenues. 

Planning for TAX services needs to be completed and executed to be in home in mid-January through mid-February for refund filers, and from mid- February through the first week of April for general filing.

Execution of orders – 8-10 weeks out
Creative deadlines – 6-8 weeks out

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