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40 Days of Giving

March 01, 2017
Author: Kelly Elarbee
One of the great elements of the TSW culture is a commitment to giving back. From the top of the organization down, there is a genuine desire to put muscle behind the idea of corporate giving. From the launch of very original Goodwill Rocks, to small insular efforts on an ongoing basis, the commitment is realized not just discussed. Enthusiasm breeds enthusiasm, so weve decided to throw out a challenge. 40 days of giving. Starting today, TSWUS will be Giving every day for the next 40 days. Our acts of charity may not be ground breaking, but they will be heartfelt, and hopefully contagious. Joins us for the challenge! If you too can manage to fulfill 40 Days of Giving, we will recognize you with a very special gift. (Although we are pretty sure the Giving will feel like a gift in and of itself).   Get your face on our Team America Wall of Fame! Sign up for 40 Days of Giving. Wed love to hear what you are doing! Cheers all!