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60's Art Nouveau

October 06, 2016
Author: Kelly Elarbee
Today for throwback thursday,we are throwing way back. Were still sticking to the 60s, 1860s that is, with the birth of Alfons Maria Mucha,the father of Art Nouveau.  Mucha had a tendency to use anything within the frame, including the frame itself, to decorate and bring attention to the main subject (which were usually pretty women in flowy drapey) and move the eye throughout the entire work. We just love his mixture of detail with areas of simple shapes and color to give the viewers a place for their eyes to breathe.In the piece we chose to highlight, Mucha has placed two young women seated at a table sipping their Heidsieck & Co. wine with their male companion; advertising the company name, founders and city of origin.At the Time of his death, Alphons style was considered outdated, but has experienced several art revivals throughout history. The 1960s had, arguably, the biggest Art Nouveau revival, bringing a new psychedelic element integrated into the style.Heres one for Alfons, his legacy continues to influence the fields of advertising to comic books, to graphic design and much more.