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Art Tuesday - Brent Woodside Clarity of Image

May 26, 2015
Author: Kelly Elarbee

It is Art Tuesday at Elarbee Media, and we are excited to share a black and white illustration by Brent Woodside. This image immediately resonated with us, because it is so reminiscent of the Rorschach prints we have been posting. While this is a clearly defined image of a “creature and rider”, it has style elements that we see in the inkblots.

Today’s Art Tuesday selection brings up a good point about fluid images. The lack of clarity in the image is a boon in the art piece. It sets a tone, and is suggestive of detail that is never executed. Can that type of messaging with images be successful in advertising? That is a harder sell. Clarity of message is key to successful campaigns, and IMAGE is a significant part of that messaging.