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Art Tuesday Color Juxtaposition

January 26, 2016
Author: Kelly Elarbee

It is Art Tuesday at Elarbee Media and today we are featuring a small piece in our favorite vivid red by Shelly Leitheiser. Her work appeals to us for both its color and imagery. Art gives you the freedom to express yourself outside of what is literally visible. In this picture, we are compelled by the juxtaposition of color with subject matter. The full blown red color as a background for penguins is a surprise. The common theme of putting penguins in cold, blue and white settings where they naturally reside is turned on its head in this work we have nicknamed “Penguin Inferno”.

What appeals about Penguin Inferno, is the complete departure from what is expected. In this case departure is achieved through color. Can changing advertising color backgrounds have the same impact? Would having the unexpected as a part of the visual experience enhance or retard response to an offer? Playing with color in art is intrinsic. Playing with color in advertising is risky. Sometimes. Risk and reward go hand in hand. Be bold in testing, but do it in small controlled quantities.

Always be bold in expressing yourself through Art.