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Art Tuesday: Gifts and Gimbap

August 09, 2016
Author: Kelly Elarbee

It is Art Tuesday at The Specialist Works US and today we are highlighting abstract art from a local artist. Some time ago, a Korean restaurant where I used to frequently eat closed down, and being a regular they decided to leave one of their paintings with me. It was created by the owner's daughter, and we love the way the that the broad pastel brushstrokes blend into each other, weaving over and under its neighbors to create a rich, deeply textured canvas. 

The restaurant sold food, and we sell advertising, but both of our businesses are enriched by the presence of this painting. Our team at TSWUS comes from a wide range of disciplines, with backgrounds in psychology, art, politics, tech, marketing, and hospitality. We have all tried our hands in different careers and businesses - some of which, like the restaurant, are now closed and a part of the past. But we are individuals who are adaptive and creative, so we adapted and created new chapters. Stay sunny and keep an eye on the big picture! As you can see here, it is actually massive (Chick-fil-A Pez dispenser shown for scale).