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Art Tuesday Leaves and the Power of Color

November 18, 2014
Author: Kelly Elarbee
It’s Art Tuesday at Elarbee Media. “Leaves” is a black and white etching, that is then over-painted. Atlanta artist Marjorie Bowers achieves a photographic effect with her extremely detailed execution. Her pop of red makes the background almost “feel” frigidly cold, a perfect match for our weather here today. 

In advertising, color also makes a huge impact on response. Focused color to enhance the call to action and overall color to stand out in a crowded media space are devices of the direct response creative professional. The use of color does create a “feel”, and can also impact brand resonance. Before you jump in with both feet make sure your color choice and placement are tailored to your audience. Focus groups, and small circulation test cells are a must before you align yourself with a particular color. Always keep in mind that there are tones within the colors too. Red is not Red is not Red.