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Art Tuesday Make Art Matter

August 26, 2014
Author: Kelly Elarbee
It’s Art Tuesday again at Elarbee Media. This painting of a leaf floating over the water is one my Mom painted in the sixties. I have always loved it. As a child, it reminded me of the highly stylized doves that were embroidered on the panels at church. It was always a stretched canvas growing up – unframed. About 7 years ago, I found some vintage framing materials, and had my friend Charles finally frame the painting. Because it is from my mother, and evokes strong memories of my childhood, it brings me a sense of peace and calm at the office. This picture hangs in our reception area, over our couch. What is the business lesson? There isn’t one – except the following. Wherever you are, and whatever adventure you embark on, embrace and keep close those things that bring you peace, calm and remind you of those you love.