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Art Tuesday: Making Art & Making Friends

October 25, 2016
Author: Kelly Elarbee
Art Tuesday at The Specialist Works US and we are kicking off the week with making art and making friends.Our featured piece is Thomas Swoffords Making Friends, one of the newest additions to our office walls.Although artists may have unlimited resources for circulating their work today, the process of art making, at least in the traditional sense, has always been accompanied with solitude; time necessary for working on their craft. With few exceptions, being a Fine Artist is the most isolating of the core art forms. We think Thomas Swofford understands this and we like how he has chosen to depict it. The pen, in black and white, is the largest and most detailed subject of the piece; suggesting its authority to bring life to the drawings. The two animals are less rendered but are fully colored indicating that they are alive and the pen, while powerful, is merely a toolperhaps matching his opinion on art. All of this depicted in a greatly appropriate cartoon stylelike his opinion on art, its kind of fun, not meant to be taken too seriously.