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Art Tuesday Perspective Checking

February 23, 2016
Author: Kelly Elarbee

It is Art Tuesday at Elarbee Media and today we are focused on perspective. We are not speaking of artistic meaning of the word, but in terms of “changing” ours.

This Howard Finster-esque picture is by Colette (7). It was only natural for her to see a board with blue-green paint on it and assume it was a “canvas”. It was an ocean ready to be filled with fish. What it was, in fact, was a test board to choose a front door color for a beach rental property.

How you look at something determines its value to you, as well as how you approach and employ it. Having children around can often impart some of the most important lessons, ones we had learned long ago but forgotten,

In our business lives, change is a constant. Being able to see that change as a canvas ready to be painted is a valuable skill, and one we needed to be reminded to employ.