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Art Tuesday - The Summer Solstice

June 21, 2016
Author: Kelly Elarbee
Today, June 21st is the longest day of the year. The Summer Solstice marks the change in seasons abut it also represents a point in the year after which all other days will be shorter. Time is a thief. 

Seasons are thieves, but they are also times of rebirth, change, and in all of their power there is stark beauty. The change into summer from spring is much like our recent change to being part of a larger business family - very full of light. 

To celebrate this "brightest" day of the year, we have selected our sunniest art piece for Art Tuesday. This pottery piece is on the verge of kitsch, and stretches our concept of Art, but the ruddiness of the clay made us love it for its tactile character. Shine On!