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Cocktail Friday: Beer for the Boys

September 02, 2016
Author: Kelly Elarbee
"Lager beer kegs... mounted in every conceivable place."  A quote from a description of the first Labor Day post-parade party.  The Central Labor Union, the Jewelers Union of Newark Two and 20,000+ friends and family helped celebrate the strength and contribution of the American worker that first Labor Day. While we arent marching in a parade this morning, we laborers will celebrate, and beer will be part of that celebration. The two tall boys in our fridge are total Americana.  Coors Light, to honor our vacationing leader, and Budweiser, the King of Beers, There is something undefinable that connects the American worker with a tall cold one at the end of a hard day. Even if the work is fairly easy, and we are shutting down at lunch for the long weekend. Have fun, be safe, Happy Labor Day.