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Cocktail Friday - Cheers Jess Barrows!

February 19, 2016
Author: Kelly Elarbee

It is Cocktail Friday at Elarbee Media and today we are reflecting on a month of having Jess from our UK partner the Specialist Works in our offices. Jess went home earlier this week, and we already miss her. Much like the image of bottle caps in a tray that we chose to pair with this posting, having someone from outside in the office for an extended time feels very different. Like a cider cap in a tray of beer caps often times is it very different, and foreign.

Working across cultures has its own unique challenges. With the help of our capable “translator” Jess Barrows, we know we will be fine. We are fortunate to have had such an enthusiastic and supportive liaison, and we can’t wait to move forward with greater understanding and facilitated communications with her help. Cheers Jess!