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Cocktail Friday Do You Swizzle?

May 09, 2014
Author: Kelly Elarbee
Do you swizzle?Out of the many collections we house here at Elarbee Media, there is one that shows an exceptional amount of whimsy: our swizzle stick collection.Because swizzle sticks are for stirring, if they were designed simply for function, they would be very boring. This week’s office cocktail item(s) are our glass vegetables, the perfect swizzle sticks for the final stir of a Bloody Mary or Bloody Caesar prior to presentation.
For the uninitiated, a Bloody Caesar is a Bloody Mary with Clamato Juice rather than straight tomato. (Yes, that is clam juice). This cocktail is a favorite of Montrealers; when combined with a large serving of Poutine, it makes an excellent hangover cure.Tell us what you favorite cocktail is that needs to be stirred!‪#‎CocktailFriday‬