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Cocktail Friday - International Beer Day

August 05, 2016
Author: Kelly Elarbee
August 5th is International Beer Day. It is also Cocktail Friday at The Specialist Works and today we are toasting with a Stella. Craft brewing in the United States has been growing at a swift pace, enjoying a 12.8% increase in sales last year. The popularity of craft beer is even more apparent when we look at market share by dollar value, where every fifth dollar spent on brew is now craft. The microbrew market in the US is indicative of the values this country at its best. Never fearful of experimentation, always innovating, and forever optimistic. Flavors stack upon each other, constantly jostling and searching for that secret ingredient to find the right balance between hop and flop. So today, try a beer you've never had before. Live a little. And maybe you'll learn a lot. Cheers!