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Cocktail Friday - Lone Star Beer #135

April 15, 2016
Author: Kelly Elarbee

It is Cocktail Friday at Elarbee Media, and long PAST due for a fresh look at the Lone Star Beer bottle gap quiz. This week's installment is bottle cap #135, and frankly one of the easier caps to translate.With each installment, we try to tie in the bottle cap quiz with some real advertising insight. And here it is..... Not only do we highlight the Lone Star Beer bottle caps, we collect them.Collections, and numbered editions are a GREAT marketing concept. If there are 500 quizzes, I need to keep all of my bottle caps until I get them all.This encourages two things - 1. Retention of the brand image where it continues to receive exposure, and 2. incremental purchasing until the collection is completed!Brilliant!