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Cocktail Friday ROI Recipe

May 02, 2014
Author: Kelly Elarbee
It's ‪#‎CocktailFriday‬!We don’t love measuring our alcohol pours at Elarbee Media, but we do love measuring media results - especially ROI (Return on Investment)!According to Wisegeek- “using a jigger is only one of many different ways to measure alcohol, and it tends to go in and out of fashion as times change. Some people think that bartenders who meticulously measure out each shot are being stingy, while others see such precision as a mark of respect for the art of cocktail blending. Another school of thought teaches that careful measurements belong only novices, on the assumption that more experienced mixologists should be able to get the right ratio without even trying.”
Test your skills by mixing the following drink – we have lovingly named the ROI.ROI Recipe:Start with premium vodka (That you have of course negotiated down to the price of standard well brand)Fill a high ball glass with crushed icePour 3 fingers of Vodka (Double jigger over ice- or three singles if neat)Add the juice of 1 whole lemonAdd 1 tablespoon of honeyAdd 2 dashes of bittersTop with a splash of tonicSwizzle and serveWant to weigh in on measuring versus free-pour, or on measuring media? We’d love to hear your comments.