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Cocktail Friday Tactile Interaction

February 26, 2016
Author: Kelly Elarbee

 It is Cocktail Friday at Elarbee Media, and today we pay homage to a very little used but beautiful item in our collection. This hand carved wooden wine stopper gets a lot of attention as an object of Art sitting on my desk at the office, but little practical use as a wine stopper. Once Cocktail Friday is in full swing, there is little reason to suppose there will be leftovers.

As an object of Art in the office it is a gorgeous example of fine hand carving. The tactile nature of the execution makes it almost impossible not to hold the wood and run your fingers across the scoring.

Because so much of what we do in our business is fleeting and flat in its execution, we crave the interaction of touching objects. If we feel that as people, we feel it as consumers also. Engaging consumers with a physical and tactile interaction with your product creates a bond…and perhaps a sale.