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Cocktail Friday the Art of Packaging

September 05, 2014
Author: Kelly Elarbee
It is cocktail Friday again at Elarbee Media. Today’s vintage barware from our office are these cork insulated copper glasses. They keep your drink cool, and keep the glass from sweating. Sweet! Because they are beautiful copper, I paired them with a bottle of Tito’s Handmade Vodka, which just happened to be handy. In thinking about Tito’s (which I normally only do longingly) I had to ask myself as an advertising professional, “how much value do you add to the product by slapping the moniker “handmade” on the label?”
Attributing brand value for something like that can be tricky. Check out this great article for some thoughts about the art of product labeling and packaging: http://bit.ly/IIm2mE
Whatever your opinion may be, I can tell you Tito’s is superb, and that drinking it out of these cute little matching glasses makes it taste even better. Cheers!