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Cocktail Friday - the Impact of Patriotic Branding

June 30, 2017
Author: Kelly Elarbee
It is Cocktail Friday at TSWUS, and we are headed into a long weekend celebrating the birth of the United States of America. What better post could we make, than one highlighting the "artfully" redesigned "Patriotic" packaging that seems ubiquitous on these American holidays. What impact does re-packaging have on sales during patriotic holidays? Can the re-packaging stand alone, or does it need to be combined with advertising support to maximize product sales? Do patriotic holidays impact sales more significantly than family holidays like Halloween or Christmas? Why am I compelled to buy the Red, White and Blue six-pack? 

These are all key questions to ponder when walking down the beer aisle this weekend. Just in case you are curious, we are attaching some research from Kidd.com on the Purchasing Power of Brand Patriotism. http://www.kidd.com/branding/purchasing-power-patriotism-businesses-shift-american-branding-summer/