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Cocktail Friday What Does the Star Shape Mean

August 28, 2015
Author: Kelly Elarbee

It is Cocktail Friday at Elarbee Media and today we are talking abut the meaning of shapes. How is that a cocktail topic? Well - we love our Lone Star Beer bottle caps which feature a single star so we thought we would investigate what the shape means (outside of Texas).

Visual cues are important in advertising, and making sure you get it right is important. "Drawing stars shows you are optimistic and ambitious" according to doodlemeanings. Not a deeply scientific review, but it is Cocktail Friday here at Elarbee Media.

In Texas "Today most people associate the Lone Star with a feisty spirit of independence" according to Phyllis McKenzie.

So our summation is this: If you are drinking a Lone Star Beer outside of Texas you are optimistic and ambitious, and have adopted the Texan's feisty spirit of independence.

None of this is bad from a brand perspective. Good job Lone Star!

For more on what shapes "mean" check out the link below: