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Cocktail Hour Family Focus Group

August 04, 2014
Author: Kelly Elarbee
Here is what came out of the mix this week: "Mother is always right." Although it is an old adage, I recently had the great experience of finding it to be true.At cocktail hour I heard "Kelly Danielle, you look tired. You need to find a babysitter to let you take a few hours off so you can get yourself together." (That is the iron fist; Mom hasn't bought the kid glove yet- she is a New Yorker). It got me thinking about a creative campaign I've been working on for a caregiver client that has babysitters with background checks at the ready. If I look tired, so do all the other working mothers out there. I wrote out a new ad concept around Mom getting a few hours off to "Be Me. Not Mom. Just Me." This concept has been proposed for testing starting in the fall.