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Continued Business Editing

June 04, 2014
Author: Kelly Elarbee
An update on the peach harvest and the importance of continued business editing:After resurrecting our peach trees through aggressive pruning, I realized that I had also created a strong parallel for my business practices. By editing out the “dead” wood and cutting back the branches that were not going to produce fruit, I saved a fruit tree. Similarly, by editing out some bad practices and jettisoning plans would not produce fruit, I continue to refine the direction for Elarbee Media.
What I had not thought through, but was reminded of by a horticulture loving friend, was that I also need to “thin” the fruit. Although I have an abundance of peaches growing, if I reduce the number of peaches and allow a smaller number to grow larger, I will end up with the same fruit yield overall. The peaches I do allow to grow will be more stunning, rather than a lot of smaller, less attractive fruit.It can feel counter-productive to edit so aggressively; however, in the end, the results will be telling. Fewer projects, more focus, better results.