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Goodbye GUNS

May 04, 2016
Author: Kelly Elarbee
Today we don our black veils in honor of Harris Publications.  They brought print content to the country since 1977 with over 75 brands, and closed their doors last Friday.  We at Elarbee Media lose access to titles that cross multiple groups. 
Magazines included in this RIP are firearms related: AK-47 and Soviet Weapons, American Frontiersman, AR Rifleman, BALLISTIC!, Black Guns, Combat Handguns, Complete Book of Guns, Complete Book of Handguns, Concealed Carry Handguns, Glock Autopistols, Gun Annual, Gun Buyer's Annual, Gun Buyer's Guide, Guns & Weapons for Law Enforcement, Guns of the Old West, Military Surplus, New Pioneer, Personal & Home Defense, Pocket Pistols, Special Weapons for Military & Police, Survivor's Edge, Tactical Weapons  
Automotive: Mopar Action, Rides, Pro Touring  
Or home: Beach Cottages,  Container Gardening, Cottage Style, Decorating Shortcuts, Flea Market Style, Flea Market Gardens, French Country Style, Fresh Quilts, Great Backyards, Organized Room by Room, Paint It, Porches & Gardens, Real Gardens, Romantic Country, Room To Create, Small Space Decorating, Storage Solutions    
And a few other specialty titles added into the mix like Celebrity Hairstyles, Dog News, Harris' Farmer's Almanac, Juicy, Naturally, Danny Seo and Herbal Remedies.
It is a sad day.   We lay a black wreath at the feet of Harris Publications.  

In the wake of this news, please look to Engaged Media for your replacement advertising opportunities.

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