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Home Improvement in Rural America

March 23, 2018
Author: Katie Gantt

There are over 60 million Americans living in Rural America in C & D counties. They're a relatively untapped demographic and the perfect audience for the home improvement market. But why you ask? First, let's dive into some of the demographic information. 

C County

Gender: 52.7% Female, 47.3% Male 

Average age: 50 years old 

Percentage homeowner: 72% 

Single-family homes: 104 index (above average) 

Multi-dwelling units: 81 index (below average) 

D County

Gender: 50.2% Female, 49.8% Male 

Average age: 57 years old 

Percentage Homeowner: 77% 

Single-family homes: 98 index (average) 

Multi-dwelling units: 59 index (below average) 

Home Improvement Statistics

Over the past two years, rural households have reported over 21,141 projects while urban households have reported only 8,742 projects. Projects consist of things like: 

Systems & Equipment: Plumbing & pipes, electrical systems, plumbing fixtures, HVAC and other appliances or major equipment

Remodeling: Kitchen and bathroom

Room Additions and Renovations: Kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and recreation room

Exterior Additions & Replacements: Roofing, siding, windows and doors 

Other Additions & Replacements: Deck, porch, patio, terrace, detached deck, garage, carport, shed, swimming pool and recreational structure 

Homeowners of Rural America

Rural buyers spend on average $133,722 for their home

  • Home prices in rural markets are 26% cheaper per square foot than in suburban markets and 56% cheaper than urban markets

Rural markets have the highest homeownership rates in America

  • 76% of rural residents own their home, as compared to 50% in urban areas
  • Rural homeowners also plant deeper roots than their urban counterparts
  • 67% of rural homeowners never plan to sell their home
  • 32% of rural homeowners plan to pass their homes on

All these stats tell a story of why home improvement is so important to this rural demographic. C & D county consumers are relatively untapped, very responsive and key to moving the bottom line. TSW Rural has the resources, expertise and experience to reach this exclusive and highly-desirable rural market. Shared Mail Values, a shared mail program run through TSWRural, offers retailers and major brands a unique opportunity to reach these customers in a cost effective- yet responsive way. To capitalize on this print program, Shared Mail Values also offers companion digital options through social media and affiliate options to create a multi-layered marketing campaign designed to drive results. 

In addition to Shared Mail Values, TSWRural offers various marketing services to promote your brand through social media, affiliate, paid search, television and more. Give us a shout to see what TSWRural can do to grow your business! 

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