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I'd Beavery happy to help you.

September 20, 2016
Author: Kelly Elarbee
Meyers-Briggs personality profiles are meant to inform us about ourselves and our coworkers.  Here at The Specialist Works US, we have an abundance of Beavers.  Good thing too, because Beavers are make good workers.  
Beavers are in the Creative and caring quadrant. They like to see the big picture, are imaginative, forward-thinking, organized, and hard working - occasionally Beavers neglect themselves in favor of being helpful, so they need looking after.  

We will be looking after our newest Beaver closely.  Artist Jon Deuschele from Zimbabwe was in the area and available to create this beautifully simple interpretation. Having never before seen this North American flat tailed semi-aquatic mammal, I think he captured it perfectly. Thank you Jon. Hop over to Instagram for a look @jondeuschle