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National Hug your Boss Day

September 09, 2016
Author: Kelly Elarbee
an>It is Cocktail Friday at The Specialist Works US and it is also National Hug your Boss Day. Talk about an interesting mix.

Many studies have shown that having a good, positive leader can make all the difference in a working environment. Statistics tell us, that the majority of people leave a job more frequently due to not getting along with their employer; and that people working for a boss they enjoy tend to be happier, more productive and loyal, compared to people who work for higher pay with a boss they do not like.
Cultivating a constructive and progressive work environment is no effortless feat either. There is so much that we need to manage, organize, and maintain in order; all at once. In business especially, our work day is often times nowhere near finished when we leave the office and head home. It is a job that takes copious amounts of patience, leadership skills, motivation, and just plain heart.
So make sure to show your boss some well-earned appreciation, if not with a hug then at least with a cocktail, TSWUS style. Please remember to drink responsibly and hug your boss responsibly.