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Profit with a Purpose - Back to School

August 23, 2017
Author: Kelly Elarbee

Last year at this time, I wrote this post about Desiree Metzger. I am warmed by her continued commitment to the cause.

Understanding what your contribution means in a community is the key to a continued commitment in supporting charitable efforts. The feedback we receive as a company is incredible.

As the President of this company, I am so proud of Desiree, and the rest of my staff, today as we ship out our contributions. Next year we hope to contribute even more.

If we can start one child's school year on a better foot, that will make all of the difference.

"One of the best moments in life is when you pass the torch. It is not great because you want to walk away, but because you see in someone else the ability to take on a task, and potentially do it even better. Holding on to ownership when someone else wants to step up is not only bad as a mentor, it means you never free up your time to explore something new.
This past week, we passed the torch for our “Back to School” charitable efforts for under-privileged children on to Desiree Metzger. We pulled her out of her comfort zone, and made her engage the rest of our staff to great success. Desiree not only embodies the selflessness that charitable efforts require, but keeps incredibly under the radar in pursuing her goal of helping others. People like her never boast about their efforts, which is why we need to shout it out.
Cheers Desiree Metzger!"