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Profit With a Purpose - Segment Introduction

April 02, 2016
Author: Kelly Elarbee
In a new segment we call "Profit with a Purpose", we are highlighting some of our local outreach efforts. As a print media agency, one of our opportunities to give back is always with our "comp" or ad-checking copies of magazines once we have reviewed them. Gifting these copies to a charity effort not only aids the charity, but recycles the printed copies to a new purpose.In posting these segments, we are trying to encourage other businesses to see that what they may no longer need might be of real value to someone in the community. Charity doesn't necessarily need to cost money, and in fact it can be mutually beneficial.Some of the small ways you can contribute:Bring Magazines to a local hospital, senior living facility, library or charity shop.Use current magazines as the basis for Soldier Boxes to deployed active duty military overseas.Sell Magazines to raise donations for a favorite charity.We edit for their benefit.