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Sentimental Sunday - Sunday Comics and Silly Putty

August 09, 2015
Author: Kelly Elarbee

We often feel nostalgic at Elarbee Media, so we thought we would introduce a theme called Sentimental Sunday. Today we are focusing on the Sunday comics.

It doesn't seem like so long ago when the Sunday Comics were one of the key features of a kid's weekend; Saturday morning cartoons, and Sunday comics. They are good for everything from wrapping presents to creating a superb transfer on your Silly Putty.

As an adult, they offer both Art and wit in a single forum. What is their relevance today though? With newspaper readership declining or migrating online, where will the Sunday Comics be in the mix for the future?.

Often, when concepts are transferred to an online format, they become more pervasive, but less relevant, It will be sad to lose the wry humor, creativity and artistic talent the comics represent.

And,,,Silly Putty doesn't work on a computer screen.