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Sometimes it’s a Doodle

September 14, 2016
Author: Kelly Elarbee
What art offers is space a certain breathing room for the spirit. -John Updike

Today is Wit and Wisdom Wednesday at The Specialist Works US and we are trying to push through hump day.
Things can get pretty hectic at TSWUS; sometimes you start working on one thing, and as the week goes by you find yourself working on multiple unrelated projects with each of them demanding your best efforts. Those days can quickly evolve into mayhem. What is there to do?
Sometimes the answer is writing down the random words from your stream of consciousness; messing up your hair and combing it back into place; finding different ways to arrange your notes; or a simple doodle. The most important thing is to do something that requires some level of effort, but no specific result.
Often times we think that art needs to be something grand or beautiful; true and timeless. But art can also be something we do to forget about where we are -- an escape. It doesnt need to be anything displayed in a museum or shown on the big screen. This art is the kind we make so that we may vacate from our daily demands and return with a new perspective on problem-solving.