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Sunday Newspapers

March 13, 2016
Author: Kelly Elarbee
In the US, we like our Sunday's to be relaxing and thoughtful. It is our day to relax, to decompress, to read the paper leisurely and to connect with family. One of our Sunday traditions is the Newspaper. Every Sunday there is an overflowing section of retail inserts begging us to read them and spend our money, There are supplements to the paper as well. Grocery store coupons and Sunday Magazines abound across the US landscape. What makes us gravitate to the Sunday paper, that cluttered ad space? Training. That is what we have known, it is where we have been trained to see our retail and grocery ads. We have an expectation that when we open a Sunday paper we will see both the price of chicken breast and tennis shoes if we peruse the inserts. Selling to people when they are relaxed and trained to view ads is not only still viable, it is still "de rigueur".