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The Power of Images - Rorschach Plate IV

July 20, 2015
Author: Kelly Elarbee

These Rorschach slides were originally produced in 1921. The inkblots are a projective test using “bilaterally symmetrical inkblots”. What you see in the inkblot is expressive of your personality. The fact that not everyone sees the same thing is essential to the test. As with art, these inkblots evoke responses based on what we bring to the table. They are not fixed or finite. They are reflections of who we are when we look at them. What does that have to do with advertising? Everything.

Evoking emotion with an image can create either a bond or a revulsion. Always test the impact if imagery on your target audience before rolling it out into the marketplace. It is often surprising that what seems innocuous to one person stirs deep emotion in others. We all have our own lens created by the lives we have led. Whether we are viewing the images through our baggage or our hopes, we always see them through a filter. Look at your customer to determine what they are likely to see and test first.