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Throwback Thursday Enjoli

July 16, 2015
Author: Kelly Elarbee

It is Throwback Thursday at Elarbee Media and today we've pulled out a classic ad campaign for your entertainment. "Enjoli. The 8 hour perfume for the 24 hour woman."

After all of these years, we can still sing the entire commercial and see an attractive blond swinging a frying pan In fact our offices have been filled with off-key renditions of it all day long.

In this case the TV campaign does not translate to print. This ad, although it advances the same claims, fails to create the same look or feel as the television spot it loosely copies. The disjointed images, and heavy copy just don't work.

Print sells a brand with an image that grabs your attention. Product, lifestyle, mascot or functionality are all fair place to focus; but, the story needs to speak through the images.