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Throwback Thursday - Gallo Rose

April 28, 2016
Author: Kelly Elarbee
It is Throwback Thursday at Elarbee Media and we are happy to say we are highlighting a Gallo Wine ad from the 1960's in honor of a client meeting today in Napa, California.Rose wines are back in style. Light, palatable and perfect for a picnic, these chilled beauties were almost killed by their association to the infamous "White Zinfandel".How do you resurrect something that has become so debased? One answer to that question for marketers is actually to embrace it for what it has become. The other is to re-invent it.PBR (Pabst Blue Ribbon) tallboy cans are hip again, so is JIm Beam. While "Rose" is back, "White Zin" is not. how tough would it be to position that product for sale to the market that embraces it?White Zin -"Because I like my wine to taste like kool-aid and come with an easy open screw top, and I am not ashamed!" We think it is catchy, although we will stick to the Bordeaux.