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Throwback Thursday - Ham and Cheese and Schlitz

March 03, 2016
Author: Kelly Elarbee
It is Throwback Thursday at Elarbee Media and we found this vintage Schlitz ad that completely captivated us. It could be the sandwich, but we think it is the idea of someone sneaking down for a late night snack and pouring a Schlitz to go with it that appeals. we know that when we sneak down tot he kitchen to make ourselves a sandwich, we always break out a tall chilled glass for our canned beer. 

Making your product feel special in an ad helps encourage people to buy it. "That guy had an ice cold Schlitz in his pajamas, I want that life." It may see simplistic, but how many of us would be happy with a cold beer and a ham sandwich while in our PJ's? Sign us up - we love this ad!