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Throwback Thursday Madge for Palmolive

October 22, 2015
Author: Kelly Elarbee

It is Throwback Thursday at Elarbee Media, and today we have brought back Madge. In this long running campaign for Palmolive dish-washing liquid there is no celebrity spokesperson. There is a created character. Similar to the Flo of Progressive ads of today, the advertising character becomes an icon through repeated viewing.

The "everyday" character of these women makes them believable. They are not slick. They are working class people, This gives them a comfortable feel to the reader or viewer, allowing you to get the message across effectively.

Madge is not an aspirational image. She is your next door neighbor or close friend, and therefore can be trusted to deliver you an advertising message that must be true.

Two thumbs up. Plus we love the uniform with the embroidered name on it,