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Throwback Thursday Orson Welles on Generation Gaps

August 20, 2015
Author: Kelly Elarbee

It is Throwback Thursday at Elarbee Media and we thought we would follow up or Orwell post of yesterday with a vintage Orson Welles ad for today.

From 1972, this ad speaks to the political an cultural climate of the times. All things old were "stodgy". But if you are a brand with a proud heritage, how do you combat that? Celebrity endorsement combined with generational understanding - If you are Jim Beam.

We are personally happy to report that Jim Beam weathered the storm, and is still alive and kicking. Was it is because they chose one of our favorite actors to endorse their brand? Perhaps it was because they saw a need to stay relevant and acted on it in their messaging. Just maybe it is because the product quality speaks for itself, and will maintain a following through tough times by combining quality with a strong price point.

Whatever the truth is, we love looking at Orson Welles. Good job Jim Beam!