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Throwback Thursday: Spooky Scary Smirnoff

October 13, 2016
Author: Kelly Elarbee
With Halloween coming up this month, we've got a number of spook-tastic content lined up for Throwback Thursday here at The Specialist Works US.
Wit usually comes from the combination of two pieces of information that don't immediately seem to be related. In this ad, Smirnoff uses the trend of drinking Bloody Marys in the spirit of Halloween to relate to their audience. Smirnoff also creates interest by flipping our immediate thoughts about monsters; showing Frankenstein sitting at the edge of the chair in fear of the drink underneath; a scared-y monster.  By taking the context of an old idea; flipping it; combining it with a trend; and relating it all to their product, Smirnoff creates a humorous, light-hearted advertisement that easily sticks with the consumer.
I know what were having for Cocktail Friday!