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Throwback Thursday - You've Come a Long Way Baby

May 04, 2017
Author: Kelly Elarbee

It is Throwback Thursday at TSWUS, and we are highlighting a vintage Virginia Slims ad in honor of our Womens Network Series Spring Session today. While attitudes about smoking have changed dramatically, these ads still resonate. In a large part, this series is about everything but the product. Embracing the idea that glass ceilings no longer exist for women, (especially at TSW) is embodied in the story told in this series. What was it like historically, where are we today, and whats next are all focused in very limited copy, and heavy imagery. The ads project positive movement to a more opportunity rich future for women. The enthusiasm behind the idea leads to the product being embraced as a symbol of that momentum. Is this about cigarettes? Yep. Is it an amazing brand campaign that still resonates today? Yep. "You've come a long way baby."