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Turkey Day Approaches

November 17, 2016
Author: Kelly Elarbee
As Thanksgiving approaches, we look at calendars, set travel schedules and play endless phone tag in preparation for the big family feast.  Once we arrive there is endless cook, clean, repeat until the feast of the year is laid out before the clan. Thanks is said, and an eating frenzy ensues.
Can you imagine setting the table with these little beauties instead?  A few minutes in the oven and 'PRESTO!" dinner is served. OK, ok, Grandma will look at you funny, and you probably wont be asked to host Thanksgiving again, but it will be a Year To Remember!
Banquet gives us options. The advertisement show us exactly what those options are.  We at The Specialist Works like to show you how to use your available options in a new way. 
Maybe this is the year - TV Dinners for Everyone!