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Wit & Wisdom Wednesday - Mark Twain on Advertising

March 15, 2017
Author: Kelly Elarbee

"Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising." -Mark Twain.

Its Wit & Wisdom Wednesday here at The Specialist Works US and we are focusing on the importance of advertising today in the office. Effective advertisings purpose is to reach out to a targeted audience and successfully get your message or product across to them. Twain is correct in saying no matter how small the thing, it can become large through a skilled advertising campaign. 

Here at TSW US, we all share the same vision for the company - "Build our clients business and ours will grow alongside it." To do this, we must be strategic in our approaches to get our clients businesses properly acknowledged. Some tips for an effective advertising campaign include: keeping your ads relevant, describe what sets your product apart, include a call to action, and to list the price of your product or service.