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Wit & Wisdom Wednesday -Thomas Edison on Not Failing

June 03, 2015
Author: Kelly Elarbee

“I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.”  Thomas A. Edison 

It is Wit & Wisdom Wednesday at Elarbee Media. This quote from Thomas Edison speaks volumes to us as Direct Response advertising professionals. Success is about testing. While Edison may not have been testing media to hit a target ROI, his continual progress down a path to eliminate what does not work is an eerie parallel. 

Starting with a hypothesis on what will work, you test. You fail, but you look to answer the question "Why?".  You test again with a variation on the strategy. You fail again, but continue to refine or reject what you know has not worked. If you keep repeating, and refining, you come to the point of success. 

Not everyone has the stomach for failure. For many it is the closure of the process.  For those with the courage, it is simply part of the journey.