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World Day for Cultural Diversity

May 21, 2018
Author: Kelly Elarbee

In celebration of Diversity, I am sharing Poutine.

While fiercely proud of being American, I am also proud of my French Canadian heritage. My family traces it’s roots in Quebec back to 1653; roughly 31 years after the Mayflower landed here in America. In considering my background for World Day for Cultural Diversity, I identified three key ways in which my heritage impacts how I see the world: the pioneer spirit is strong, I know that Art should be part of every life, and finally, I have a fervent belief that food is Art.

 What does that mean when you sit down in a conference room though? It means that there is a strong need to build, and build from the foundations up; to take measured risks, and keep trying, editing, failing and trying again.

It means that there has to be balanced in life, and that beauty has to hold hands with structure in order for there to be a real value. It means that breaking bread with someone, sharing an experience over good food will mean more in the long run than eating a crappy sandwich at your desk. In the act of sharing a meal, you are sharing Art and an experience with someone for a brief moment in time that can never be recaptured. You are SHARING, and that is how we grow; both as a company, and as people.

 Relationships aren’t important, they are everything.

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