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Tat3D expanding into the US Market

With limited exposure to the US business community, and the added challenges to navigating the tactical market, Mil-Leo and Consumer, the development of a strong brand for Tat3dUSA requires a “roll up your shirt sleeves” involvement on our part. We like it! Facing challenges along with the client, and making adjustments to ensure success is what we are about at TSW US. Choose a few core clients, and involve yourself in their business as a true partner in their success.

Building a niche market expertise has allowed TSW US to effectively bring new brands to the forefront of the Tactical Weapons market. Tat3D is an Italian company currently expanding into the US market. As a European base company, they were limited to growth within the military and law enforcement sectors based on European restrictions.

Their goals in re-launching in the US are multiple:
  • Address their core Mil-Leo market promoting a unique, high-quality tactical training dummy
  • Expand their market base to include the Direct to Consumer “shooting sportsman” market with their lower price point products
  • Target shooting ranges that can incorporate the three dimensional targets
  • Develop a retail presence through Amazon and a strong manufacturers rep network across the US
We can’t wait to see this brand explode.
  • Services:

    • Website Design
    • Manufacturers Network
    • Social Media Management
    • Manufacturer's Network
    • Earned Media
    • Product Photography