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    Learn From Someone
    Else's Investment

Who is my competition in the media space? What are they offering that is different from me? When are they running? Where are they running? Why are they in those media instead of others? How often are they in market?

Competitive intelligence is vital to the success of any marketing campaign. We analyze and track advertising from active samples in the print media marketplace in order to show our clients where their competitors are spending their marketing dollars.

If your competitor has more maturity in the marketplace, they have vetted many media channels, rejected the losers and selected the winners. Their continuations in a program tell you what works for your offer type and demographic target. Why not use that knowledge to save yourself the headache, spend and lead times of starting from scratch?

Tracking advertisements allows us to show our clients what offers competing businesses have recently placed or are currently running, as well as the geographic footprint of those media channels.