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If you already have advertisements in the marketplace that are not performing as well as you believe they should, there may be something you are lacking on the advertisement itself or the media channel you selected. We work with our clients to determine the effectiveness of their advertisements and offer suggestions for optimization.

From the Call to Action to Promotional Offerings, we aggressively test for small nuances that can have a big impact on response.

Messaging: Call to Action - The Friend of Direct Response Advertisers Everywhere. One of the most important things you can do as a Direct Response (DR) advertiser is encourage the customer to ACT. Call out deadlines: offer end dates, order by dates to meet delivery deadlines, seasonal pricing expirations Make the statements count – don’t burry them in the fine print To Push the message: Use Starbursts, Bold Headlines, or Color to reinforce the message and make sure it is seen.

Layout: Catch the Attention of Ad Weary Customers – Do something different. Change your layout to the opposite of everyone else’s. If most ads in a publication, or in the mailbox are Horizontal, make yours vertical, or vice versa. Being different makes it more difficult to ignore you – their “Training” to ignore is thrown off.
Size DOES Matter! Running an oversized insert makes your offer stand out – It literally hangs out of the package. A non-standard size can make people stop to check out your offer. Die-cuts and unusual shapes create interest as well.

Production Quality: Does quality of paper-stock matter? No - You sadly get very little more bang for your buck in terms of response in buying beautiful quality bright white paper-stocks. Investing in good quality paper as a DR advertiser is a negative return proposition. Do yourself a favor, and go on the lightest weight your advertising channels will allow – As long as your message is strong enough, that not the paper will carry they day.

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