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Let us help you discover the hidden value in your data. TSW US offers our clients the opportunity to transform their consumer data into actionable marketing intelligence. We help our clients gain control of their customer information by pairing it with a proprietary consumer database.

Supplied customer lists can be run through several layers of data append that reveal geographical and demographical information, buying patterns, interests and hobbies, as well as professional, educational and financial data. We can then dive deep into who the key target consumer really is. By analyzing the existing data and profiling the customer base, we can help identify the key target profiles within the customer list(s). We then take the customer profile and apply it to refine existing and future media buys. By identifying the target customer, we can pinpoint ways to reach them through targeted media opportunities.

By profiling not only who the acquired customer is, but who has abandoned service or opted not to purchase, we can use the data to help our clients refine media buys within their current media footprint. This helps to:

  • Eliminate poor performing market profiles
  • Eliminate high churn profiles
  • Focus efforts on high acquisition targets

Contact the TSW US team and together we’ll build a plan that works.