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    Luring in the Big Fish

Luxury is a segment that crosses multiple interest categories. What these offering have in common is high household income and edit that focuses on the good life. As can be imagined, this audience is often both hard to reach and to persuade. Using a combination of regional titles, membership titles and country club distribution can achieve what looking at a straight consumer magazine buy cannot.

Luxury is not as straight forward as you might think. Within the category there are two distinct groupings: New Affluence and Old Money. Messaging to these groups is rarely effective when consistent across channels. While the brand value of the product is always consistent, the imaging and triggers need to be different.  

New Affluence
can be influenced socially and digitally in a way that old money cannot. The desire for an audience for a significant purchase can be a significant benefit when attempting to reach them for impulse purchases. For the Old Money set, quiet, quality focused pitches with the multi-generational investment skew work well. Layering in a male versus female targeting within the category in addition can be achieved through title selection as well as event sponsorship choices.

Publication Count: 102
Volume: 34,969,036
Average Age: 44
Average HHI: 277,728
Average Female: 56%